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  1. Hello Sir,
    I have been learning OpenGL through GLUT library.
    I have strong desire to learn QT for OpenGL applications on Windows.
    I am going to buy your excellent book “QT5 C++ GUI Programming Cook Book”.
    Did you provide the details on installing or configuring QT on Windows 10 in this book ? Because I have to develop all your suggested applications from this book on Window 10 with Visual Studio 2015.
    Will your book help me in my objective?


    1. Hi Rupesh, just to let you know there is only 1 single chapter in the book that talks about OpenGL, the rest are purely Qt5 stuff. It should get you started with Qt + OpenGL but not very in-depth.

      Also, in my book I used MinGW compiler but it should work the same with Visual Studio compiler.

      1. Hello Sir,
        I saw the index of your book on Amazon and seems that all your points covered in that chapter are very good for my journey of OpenGL in QT5.
        However, I have not found whether you explain how to install QT on Windows 10 or Not.
        If you have reference to guide installation of QT5 on Windows10 then kindly share so that I can follow your book snippets on my machine.

        Thanks for your help and support.

        1. Hi Rupesh, this book doesn’t cover installation of Qt5 on Windows 10. But it is fairly simple to install. Go to, go to the bottom of the page and look for “Qt for Application Development” and select “Get your Open Source Package”. Then you can click “Download Now” to download the online installer for Qt5 (works on Windows 10). Everything else is automated. Hope this helps. 🙂

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