Unity3D Course in Miri

I have organized another Unity3D introductory course at TEGAS Innovation Centre Miri last Saturday. The attendance was surprisingly much higher than the first course done in Bintulu.

People from different age group and different background joined the course, mostly out of curiosity. Hopefully they have gained some interest in game development and continue to pursue this dream!

Also, please join the Facebook group I just created recently, namely the Sarawak Game Developers group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/511210486092635/

Reviving an old project?

There’s an old hobby project which has been in hiatus for several months now. The idea started as a series of character concept art I did back in 2010 for my final year project but for some reason it didn’t get chosen, so I decided maybe I could use it for my own game.

Few months ago, I created the character model in Blender and a friend of mine did the environment props in 3D Studio Max. I put them together in Unity and wrote some scripts to make the character move (run, jump, double jump, climb ladder, etc.) and even did a simple NPC dialog system. But that’s all, it’s been staying the same since then, as both of us were very busy with jobs and other stuff. Now I’m thinking maybe it’s a good idea to post it out on my blog so that I can remind myself from time to time that there is a hobby project awaiting for completion.

The game is a story-based, character-oriented adventure game with puzzle elements in its gameplay. Player will be going through the game levels to solve certain puzzles and achieve certain objectives, which slowly revealing the story and the relationship between the characters in the game. There will be several characters who are teenagers but look really weird with their costumes and behaviors. They live in an alternate universe which is very different from ours and player will be learning more about their world throughout the game. However, I have not settled with the details yet so there are much more works to be done.

Ignore the scaling in the last screenshot. The scaling wasn’t correct, I was merely showing my friend how the models looked like in Unity compare to what he saw in 3D Studio Max.

Need to squish out some time for this hobby project so that I can keep my passion in game development, as my current job is more toward software engineering rather than games.