Chief Technical Officer

Part time lecturer

Game programmer

Game programmer, 3D Artist

Freelance 3D Artist


Books author:

Books reviewer:
– “Qt 5 Blueprints” (January 2015)
– “Application Development with Qt Creator Second Edition” (November 2014)
– “Application Development with Qt Creator” (January 2013)
– “C++ Application Development with Code::Blocks” (January 2013)

  • Seminar & Course Conductor

– Make Your Own Game with Unity (May 2019)
– Qt C++ Programming Course (August 2018)
– Photoshop Beginners’ Crash Course (December 2017)
– Malaysian Game Educators Summit: “Introduction to Unity Engine” (December 2014)

  • Competition Judge

– Industry Technical Judge for Shell STEM School Geek-a-thon competition at SMK Bintulu, Bintulu (February 2019)
– Industry Technical Judge for Shell STEM School Geek-a-thon competition at SMK Kidurong, Bintulu (January 2019)

  • Competition Winner & Finalist

– Intellectual Property Creative Challenge (Casual Game Category): Top 10 Finalist, “Mage School” (July 2010)

7 thoughts to “About”

  1. purchased your book about blender and unity, it is really helpful,
    my suggestion for your next project, maybe make a paid video lessons/course version of your book same as the ones in udemy?

    it will be perfect if we have a video course that covers the same topic as modelling and using unity is more fit for video demonstration,


    1. Thanks for your support, Ruell. I’m quite busy for this few months but I will definitely be doing that once I have some free time, as you’re not the first one who requested that. Thanks again!

  2. hello, was reading the blender unity book, any resources/tutorials/websites that explain exactly how the grass texture was done with intersecting planes?

  3. hi man, there is a mistake on Page 43 of “Qt5 c++ gui programming cookbook second edition”

    there should be drag a rectangle instead a mouse area at step 28. the color of mouse area cannot change directly.

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